About us


KEGS is a Zambian private company based in Kitwe. The Company began its operations in 2008 but was registered at Patents and Companies Registration Authority (PACRA) in 2012 under the certificate number 107789.

The company is based in Kitwe with over 10 years of experience in environmental impact assessment and management, preparation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), conducting ecological and socioeconomic surveys, land-use related works in Zambia. It mainly specializes in environmental impact assessments, land use planning and environmental governance, surveys, research, agriculture, climate change and water resource management. The company’s staff have significant experience with qualitative and quantitative methods, sampling strategies, data collection, stakeholder identification, data analysis and report writing. They have successfully carried out various environmental and social impact assessments for project implementation and or monitoring purposes in communities across Zambia. The company has in the recent past worked on various environmental impact assessments projects involving agriculture, irrigation, bulky fuel storage facilities, shopping malls, factory warehouses, dams, roads, fish farm projects, mining, hydro power and transmission line projects, agriculture and irrigation, forestry projects to mention just but a few.

KEGS offers a wide range of environmental services to Government institutions and line ministries, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), privately owned companies, commercial, individuals, among others. KEGS focuses on providing its Clientele with timely, effective site assessment and inspection services, permitting, hazardous waste management, regulatory compliance audits and assistance and environmental management system development and implementation.

Our Future

Our future in environment, energy management, risk management and capacity building is anchored on our ongoing commitment to Customer satisfaction and service delivery regardless of the size and nature of the project we are undertaking.

Our Mission

To render services that will always ensure environmental sustainability, thereby making the world a better place today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

To be one of the Zambian consulting firms at the centre of promoting environmental sustainability and superlative protection.

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Quality Assurance

KEGS aim to provide its Clients with the highest standard of professional services. To support this objective, an in-house quality assurance system has been introduced to meet, and exceed, the requirements of the relevant national and international standards. Our quality assurance policy aims at satisfying the following primary goals:

  • Client satisfaction consistent with professional standards and ethics.
  • Continuous improvement of services.
  • Giving consideration to the requirements of society and the environment.
  • Efficiency in providing services.

Consultancy and Industry Best Practice

In order to operate as the most efficient provider of consultancy services, KEGS Limited constantly updates its repertoire of systems, manpower skills, methodologies and procedures with a view to ensuring that these are at par with Client requirements and industry best practices.

Our Work Experience

KEGS offers specialized environmental, energy management, risk management and capacity building for its Clients. Our team always documents data for every project undertaken and learns from it before embarking on the next project through monitoring and evaluation. Our firm also realizes that the Customer is the reason we exist, hence our highest respect to both our current customers and those to come.

Achievements and Drivers to Success
Locally experienced:

having successfully delivered Environmental and Social Studies for complex projects in Zambia, with the extensive experience and stakeholder relations to streamline formal procedures.

Client experienced:

having delivered projects for government ministries, international organisations and private companies.

Donor experienced:

Staff have experience with projects financed by International Non-Governmental Organisations hence solid experience with administrative, procurement and financial procedures of these organisations.

KEGS Offices

KEGS has established offices with the necessary infrastructure, equipment and professional staff in Kitwe respectively hence is able to commence the project without delay.

KEGS staff

KEGS staff have geographical experience in most districts in Zambia and many of them are conversant with the local language spoken in these areas.